Five Elements of Next 15 Days


Stem & Branch

Metal Metal Water Water Wood Wood Fire Fire Earth Earth
2/23/2017MetalWhite MetalSnake3700167
2/24/2017WaterBlack WaterHorse03002010
2/25/2017WaterBlack WaterSheep0303918
2/26/2017WoodGreen WoodMonkey1673007
2/27/2017WoodGreen WoodChicken3003000
2/28/2017FireRed FireDog9003318
3/1/2017FireRed FirePig02010300
3/2/2017EarthBrown EarthRat0300030
3/3/2017EarthBrown EarthCow390048
3/4/2017MetalWhite MetalTiger3001677
3/5/2017MetalWhite MetalRabbit3003000
3/6/2017WaterBlack WaterDragon0339018
3/7/2017WaterBlack WaterSnake7300167
3/8/2017WoodGreen WoodHorse00302010
3/9/2017WoodGreen WoodSheep0033918

The weights of Five Elements are for balancing your Five Elements. To find your Five Elements is from Chinese Horoscope page.