Five Elements of Next 15 Days


Stem & Branch

Metal Metal Water Water Wood Wood Fire Fire Earth Earth
7/23/2014WoodGreen WoodSheep0033918
7/24/2014FireRed FireMonkey1670307
7/25/2014FireRed FireChicken3000300
7/26/2014EarthBrown EarthDog900348
7/27/2014EarthBrown EarthPig02010030
7/28/2014MetalWhite MetalRat3030000
7/29/2014MetalWhite MetalCow3390018
7/30/2014WaterBlack WaterTiger0301677
7/31/2014WaterBlack WaterRabbit0303000
8/1/2014WoodGreen WoodDragon0339018
8/2/2014WoodGreen WoodSnake7030167
8/3/2014FireRed FireHorse0005010
8/4/2014FireRed FireSheep0033918
8/5/2014EarthBrown EarthMonkey1670037
8/6/2014EarthBrown EarthChicken3000030

The weights of Five Elements are for balancing your Five Elements. To find your Five Elements is from Chinese Horoscope page.