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Chinese Horoscope Online - 2016 Chinese Zodiac Red Fire Monkey Year

2016 is the Year of the Monkey. The free predictions of 2016 Chinese Five Element Horoscopes Predictions and 2016 Chinese Zodiacs Forecast are available below.

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2016 Monkey 2016 Chicken
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Chinese Horoscope logoMany people's the first question about Chinese Horoscope Zodiac is "What's my Chinese Zodiac Sign?". Lots of Chinese horoscope sites give people the wrong answer. They determine the Chinese Zodiac Sign by the Chinese New Year's Day. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign comes Chinese Astrology birth chart, which is built by your Chinese Astrology Calendar using your birth year, birth month, birthday and birth hour. The Chinese Zodiac Year Cutoff Day should be around February 4 each year, no the Chinese New Year's Day. Very often, people who were born in January confuse about their animal signs after visiting our pages. Anyway, those sites don't know the difference between Chinese Lunar Calendar and Chinese Astrology Calendar.

The Legend of Chinese Zodiac provides you interesting information about 12 animal signs, but also tells the personality, compatibility of zodiac signs and a free Zodiac Report. To find more about your Chinese Horoscope using Five Elements theory is in the following:

The foundation of Chinese Horoscope is from Yin Yang Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Yin is female and Yang is male. After breaking down by Yin Yang, there are 10 elements in the Chinese Horoscope system. Chinese Astrology Calendar calls 10 elements as 10 Stems and 12 animals as 12 Branches. Chinese Horoscope reading use Stem Relationship and Branch Relationship to predict people's money, career, reputation and marriage.

On the top of Five Element theory is Yin Yang. The Yin Yang theory is the balance to make things peaceful. So if the Five Elements in the Chinese Horoscope Birth Chart are in the balance shape, then the person will have a peaceful life, which we called good luck.

Therefore, we convert 12 animal signs in the birth chart into Five Elements and assign the scores for Five Elements. In this way, you can see your Five Elements are out of balance or not. Those information determines your good luck and bad luck in the entire life. Do not miss our free formidable Five Element Life Balance Chart program, which tells something about your own secret which you never know before.

The Daily Chinese Horoscope is from the traditional Chinese Fortune-Telling method, which focuses on people's money, love, reputation, health and career luck. If you don't try it, then you might lose your money or career opportunities very soon.

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